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Howdy, friends? Long time no see.

If you’re in the reverse engineering community, you may have heard of or used the Vic Plug-In (, an OllyDbg plugin that often used by security researchers, malware analysts, and software developers for various purposes, such as analyzing binaries, finding vulnerabilities, or understanding program behavior.

I typically release its versions on my blog, CiN1 (the website is down), Tuts4You, and ExeTools forum. It often ranks in the TOP 1-3 for Highest Rated and Most Downloaded among OllyDbg plugins on Tuts4You.


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Today I open-source my Vic Plug-In (both OllyDbg v1.xx & v2.xx) after keeping it private for a long time. The Vic Plug-In is written in Delphi/Pascal, it offers a range of features aimed at enhancing the functionality of OllyDbg, a popular debugger for Windows. By sharing its source code, I aim to foster collaboration, invite feedback, and contribute to the debugging community’s growth. Let’s make debugging easier, together.

The source code @

P.S Unfortunately. Author Oleh Yuschuk stopped developing OllyDbg. Its legacy as a powerful debugger persists, a legend within the realm of software debugging and security analysis.

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